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TT7 Records is a home for artists and labels.

We’re an independent music group, consisting of three main areas: TT7 Artist Services, TT7 Label Services and our booking agencies: TT7 Bookings, Weltklassejungs, EbonizeBooking.

TT7 was founded in 2007 by Cosmin Marica in cooperation with Adam Kesselhaut, Andreas Hofmann and Jochen Sues.

TT7 is a company based first and foremost on a genuine passion for the quality of the music and repertoire we’re privileged to work with.

Distribution Partner: Believe Digital www.believe.com

This passion is inherent in everything we do – from the labels we support to the artists we sign; from our marketing and promotion services to our retail sales and live events.

Artists: Q.AGE, DJ Cosmin, Apokrypha, QUAAD H, Sleep Wheel, CORA XL, ATOMS OF SPIRIT, Vini & PAFFF, Chill Abteilung, Lawseed, Cosmin, Marixx,

Recent years have seen a huge evolution in our industry – from retail closures to economic downturns; from digital explosions to warehouse fires – we embrace the change. Music has never been more accessible, varied or exciting to be around and TT7 stays committed to placing artists at the heart of what we do; putting music with message First.

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TT7 Records – c/o Cosmin Marica
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