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TT7 Records, founded in 2007, is an independent music group comprising TT7 Artist Services, TT7 Label Services, and booking agencies like TT7 Bookings and Weltklassejungs. The company, driven by a genuine passion for quality music, collaborates with artists and labels, embracing industry changes.

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TT7 Records, in partnership with Believe Digital, navigates industry challenges, adapting to digital shifts and economic downturns. With a focus on music with a message, we offer comprehensive services, supporting labels, promoting artists, and organizing live events, ensuring a vibrant and accessible music landscape.

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TT7 Records represents diverse artists including Q.AGE, DJ Cosmin, Apokrypha, QUAAD H, Sleep Wheel, CORA XL, ATOMS OF SPIRIT, Vini & PAFFF, Chill Abteilung, Lawseed, Cosmin, and Marixx. Our commitment lies in putting artists and their music first.

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DJ Cosmin feat. Simon Erics,
Q.Age and Q.Age feat. Andreas Kümmert,
DJ Cosmin


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